AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-18Update to revision 331Dylan Delgado
2023-03-14Revision 266, add cksieveclDylan Delgado
2023-02-28Revision 264, version 2.4.3Dylan Delgado
2023-02-13add ccsieve to packageDylan Delgado
2023-02-07Update to latest revision, add linker flagDylan Delgado
2022-12-12Update to revision 229, use svn source directly instead of self-hosted packageDylan Delgado
2022-08-25Update to r201Dylan Delgado
2022-01-25Update to 2.2.3Dylan Delgado
2021-02-23Update to r126, version 2.2.1Dylan Delgado
2021-02-10Update to r119, version 2.2.0Dylan Delgado
2021-02-04Update to r109, version 2.1.6Dylan Delgado
2021-01-26Update to r93, version 2.1.5Dylan Delgado
2021-01-10Update to r89, version 2.1.4Dylan Delgado
2021-01-06Add OpenCL programs and necessary dependencies to build and run said programs.Dylan Delgado
2021-01-06Update to r85, version 2.1.3Dylan Delgado
2020-12-31Update to r84, version 2.1.2Dylan Delgado
2020-12-29Update to r82, version 2.1.1Dylan Delgado
2020-12-27Update to r80, version 2.1.0Dylan Delgado
2020-12-10Update to r77Dylan Delgado
2020-10-15First release of mtsieve in AUR, r75Dylan Delgado