AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-07Remove extraneous info on '.install'. Users shall refer to README.yuu
2020-11-07Update .SRCINFO pkgrelyuu
2020-11-07Add missing '.git' on 'source' for bare repository.yuu
2020-11-07Add `.gitignore'.yuu
2020-11-07Auto pkgver update.yuu
2020-11-07Remove useless extra variable `_url'.yuu
2020-11-06Further use of variables for pgkname and url.yuu
2020-11-06Update to commit '76f5844' matching changes on README file format.yuu
2020-11-04Add 'sh' as dependency.yuu
2020-08-01Initial commit: add 'PKGBUILD', 'mu-wizard.install', '.SRCINFO'yuu