AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-055.6.2Martin Diehl
2023-07-275.6.1Martin Diehl
2023-05-23correct include directoriesMartin Diehl
2023-05-215.6.0Martin Diehl
2022-10-04forgotten updateMartin Diehl
2022-10-04don't depend on sshMartin Diehl
2022-08-085.5.1Martin Diehl
2022-04-245.5.0Martin Diehl
2021-08-075.4.1Martin Diehl
2021-06-115.4.0Martin Diehl
2021-04-22bugfix: updated checksumMartin Diehl
2021-04-22build shared librariesMartin Diehl
2020-12-085.3.5Martin Diehl
2020-07-115.3.3 is outMartin Diehl
2020-05-15compiles with gfortran 10.xMartin Diehl
2020-05-15build requires MPIMartin Diehl
2020-04-27new version is outMartin Diehl
2020-03-04homepage more stable than email addressMartin Diehl
2019-11-26gcc-fortran is a build dependencyMartin Diehl
2019-10-25polishingMartin Diehl
2019-10-06ignore temp filesMartin Diehl
2019-07-19new bug fix version is outMartin Diehl
2019-05-01new upstream versionMartin Diehl
2019-01-02Remove scotch version requirementLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2018-03-20Remove examples, add .so linksLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2018-02-05UpdateLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2017-07-25Update to 5.1.1Lucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2016-10-27Updated to 5.0.2Lucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2016-05-31Fix for zlib 1.2.8Lucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2016-02-16Update to 5.0.1Lucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2015-06-28Initial commitMichele Mocciola