AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-23updated version to 0.13.1 releaseHusam Bilal
2022-06-18updated version to 0.13.0 releaseHusam Bilal
2021-08-10updated version to 0.12.0 release, removed unnecessary dependencyHusam Bilal
2021-01-17updated version to 0.11.5 releaseHusam Bilal
2020-05-03add new version md5 hashHusam Bilal
2020-05-03updated version to 0.11.4 releaseHusam Bilal
2020-02-29updated version to 0.11.3 releaseHusam Bilal
2019-08-24updated version to 0.11.1 releaseHusam Bilal
2019-05-28updated version to 0.11.0 releaseHusam Bilal
2018-09-09updated version to 0.10.1 releaseHusam Bilal
2018-09-02updated version to 0.10.0 releaseHusam Bilal
2018-06-26updated version to 0.9.4 releaseHusam Bilal
2018-04-10updated version to 0.9.3 releaseHusam Bilal
2018-04-05updated version to 0.9.2 releaseHusam Bilal
2018-03-08updated version to 0.9.0 releaseHusam Bilal
2017-04-13updated version to 0.8.1 releaseHusam Bilal
2017-04-01updated version to 0.8.0 releaseHusam Bilal
2016-09-20fixed base directory nameHusam Bilal
2016-09-20version bumpHusam Bilal
2016-08-30fixed binary file nameHusam Bilal
2016-08-30updated version to 0.6.3 releaseHusam Bilal
2016-08-10Fixed for 32bit. Updated .SRCINFO depends and conflicts.Husam Bilal
2016-08-09added ttf-font to dependenciesHusam Bilal
2016-08-09InitialHusam Bilal