AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysVerbump to 2.2.10Sean Greenslade
2022-12-02Verbump to 2.2.9Sean Greenslade
2022-11-08Verbump to 2.2.8Sean Greenslade
2022-08-21Verbump to 2.2.7Sean Greenslade
2022-07-02Verbump to 2.2.6Sean Greenslade
2022-06-04Verbump to 2.2.5Sean Greenslade
2022-04-13Verbump to 2.2.3Sean Greenslade
2022-02-27Verbump to 2.2.1Sean Greenslade
2021-09-21Verbump to 2.1.3Sean Greenslade
2021-08-01Verbump to 2.1.1Sean Greenslade
2021-07-12Verbump to 2.1Sean Greenslade
2021-03-22Major version bump (1.x -> 2.x)Sean Greenslade
2020-09-20Verbump, and brought mostly in line with official package.Sean Greenslade
2020-07-19Verbump to 1.14.6.Sean Greenslade
2020-07-04Verbump to 1.14.5Sean Greenslade
2020-06-20Verbump to 1.14.4Sean Greenslade
2020-05-30Verbump to 1.14.2Sean Greenslade
2020-05-19Verbump to 1.14.1Sean Greenslade
2020-05-03Verbump to 1.14.0Sean Greenslade
2020-04-01Verbump to 1.13.5Sean Greenslade
2020-02-05Verbump to 1.13.3Sean Greenslade
2019-02-08Verbump 1.11.3Sean Greenslade
2019-01-25Bumped to 1.11.2.Sean Greenslade
2018-04-091.9.4 release.zootboy
2018-02-07Version 1.9.3.Sean Greenslade
2018-01-03Version bump.Sean Greenslade
2017-09-25Version bump.Sean Greenslade
2017-09-09Verbump to 1.9.0Sean Greenslade
2017-05-30Verbump to 1.8.3.Sean Greenslade
2017-04-22Verbump to 1.8.2.Sean Greenslade
2016-12-04Updated to 1.7.2.Sean Greenslade
2016-10-10Bumped version to 1.7.1Sean Greenslade
2016-08-19Enabled sidebar build option.Sean Greenslade
2016-08-19Updated to 1.7.0.Sean Greenslade
2016-07-10Version bump - 1.6.2Sean Greenslade
2016-05-27Updated srcinfo.Sean Greenslade
2016-05-27Version bump to 1.6.1Sean Greenslade
2016-04-04Updated to 1.6.0Sean Greenslade
2015-06-21Initial copy over from AUR3.Sean Greenslade