AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysApply !2848 via commit 12ce58dbJoakim Soderlund
2023-02-17Upgrade !1441 to commit a6f23c15Joakim Soderlund
2023-02-17Upgrade Mutter to version 43.3Joakim Soderlund
2023-01-25Upgrade !1441 to commit 4ddb7aa8Joakim Soderlund
2022-12-08Upgrade Mutter to version 43.2Joakim Soderlund
2022-12-03Sync with upstream package 43.1+r2+g6a962803e-2Joakim Soderlund
2022-11-30Upgrade Mutter to commit 6a962803Joakim Soderlund
2022-11-06Upgrade !1441 to commit 01f700fcJoakim Soderlund
2022-11-06Upgrade Mutter to version 43.1Joakim Soderlund
2022-11-01Upgrade !1441 to commit 473031feJoakim Soderlund
2022-11-01Upgrade Mutter to version 43.0Joakim Soderlund
2022-09-17Upgrade Mutter to version 42.5Joakim Soderlund
2022-08-11Upgrade Mutter to version 42.4Joakim Soderlund
2022-07-05Upgrade Mutter to version 42.3Joakim Soderlund
2022-05-30Upgrade Mutter to version 42.2Joakim Soderlund
2022-05-06Upgrade !1441 to commit bf7030b8Joakim Soderlund
2022-05-06Upgrade Mutter to version 42.1Joakim Soderlund
2022-04-07Sync with upstream package 42.0-2Joakim Soderlund
2022-04-07Upgrade !1441 to commit 163776aeJoakim Soderlund
2022-04-07Upgrade Mutter to version 42.0Joakim Soderlund
2022-03-27Upgrade Mutter to version 41.5Joakim Soderlund
2022-02-18Disable checkdepends since check is disabledJoakim Soderlund
2022-02-17Upgrade Mutter to version 41.4Joakim Soderlund
2022-01-21Force rebuild after libwacom upgradeJoakim Soderlund
2022-01-11Upgrade Mutter to version 41.3Joakim Soderlund
2021-12-13Upgrade Mutter to version 41.2Joakim Soderlund
2021-11-20Backport fixes via commit 3b3978c6Joakim Soderlund
2021-11-05Upgrade !1441 to commit 5bb8301fJoakim Soderlund
2021-11-05Upgrade Mutter to version 41.1Joakim Soderlund
2021-10-01Upgrade Mutter to version 40.5Joakim Soderlund
2021-08-21Upgrade Mutter to version 40.4Joakim Soderlund
2021-07-24Initial commitJoakim Soderlund