AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysSync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2024-01-16Fix MRs' descriptions in PKGBUILDMingi Sung
2024-01-161:45.3-3: Add mr3373Mingi Sung
2024-01-151:45.3-2: Add mr3304 & add forgotten mr3327 to listMingi Sung
2024-01-08Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2024-01-02Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2023-12-09Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2023-11-09Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2023-10-161:45.0+r49+g8d3d8b86e-2: Add mr3327Mingi Sung
2023-10-15Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2023-10-11Fix testsMingi Sung
2023-10-10Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2023-09-19Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-09-121:44.4-3: Add mr3222Mingi Sung
2023-09-02Remove mutter.install refsMingi Sung
2023-09-021:44.4-2: Disable a rt-scheduler modificationMingi Sung
2023-08-24Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-08-161:44.3+r7+g5d0354035-2: Replace mr3105 with mr3185Mingi Sung
2023-08-15Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-08-081:44.3-3: Add mr3113 and mr3132Mingi Sung
2023-08-021:44.3-2: Add mr3105 for focus fixMingi Sung
2023-07-18Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-06-091:44.2-2: test-framebuffer-get-bits should fail on gl3Mingi Sung
2023-06-09FS#67929 add iio-sensor-proxy depMingi Sung
2023-06-09Sync to gnome-44 & Add reverting !2878 partiallyMingi Sung
2023-05-14Add mr2941Mingi Sung
2023-05-14Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-05-09 Sung
2023-05-08Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-05-02Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-04-22Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2023-04-16Allow to spawn realtime threads without the help of rtkitMingi Sung
2023-04-16Bump up pkgrelMingi Sung
2023-04-16Disable !1880 for nowMingi Sung
2023-04-16Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2023-03-26set epoch to 1Mingi Sung
2023-03-24Revert "Sync to gnome-43"Mingi Sung
2023-03-23Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2023-03-14Sync to gnome-43 & add !2790Mingi Sung
2023-02-23Sync to gnome-43 & remove superseded MRsMingi Sung
2023-02-23Update sha256sumsMingi Sung
2023-02-23Update !2763 statusMingi Sung
2023-02-22Backport gnome-43 changes & Update !1441 and !2763Mingi Sung
2023-02-13Add aarch64 to supported archMingi Sung
2022-12-30Update maintainers & contributors listMingi Sung
2022-12-30Update !2763Mingi Sung
2022-12-25Add !2763 & remove superseded MRsMingi Sung
2022-12-12Add mr2751 & update mr2671Mingi Sung
2022-12-08Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2022-12-03Update !1880's statusMingi Sung