AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-17Refactor, fix gcc:11 defaulting to c++17bartus
2021-03-16Update gtest.patch, drop merged eigen.patchbartus
2020-09-02fix dead eigen:3.3.2 linkbartus
2019-09-01Pop version.bartus
2019-09-01Update checksums.bartus
2019-09-01Fix gtest.patch.bartus
2019-06-20pop versionbartus
2019-06-20Revert "add `disjoint-set datastructure` of `mapmap_cpu`"bartus
2019-05-26add `disjoint-set datastructure` of `mapmap_cpu`bartus
2019-02-13fix gtest.patchbartus
2018-07-11mail updatebartus
2018-05-21drop check() temporarybartus
2017-12-06add intel-tbb to depsbartus
2017-12-06rollback gtest patch, already in mainlinebartus
2017-10-29correct fix for mve header file renamebartus
2017-10-28fix smvsrecon string.h includebartus
2017-08-22fix smvs licence pathbartus
2017-06-05drop gcc5 makedep as smvs builds fine with gcc7 nowbartus
2017-06-05remove umve.opengl.patch is it got commited to repobartus
2017-06-04add required gcc see fags for proper build in chroot envbartus
2017-06-04pop version for new boost, temporar fix for umve missing includebartus
2017-03-19fix gtest.patch pathbartus
2017-03-05update smvs gtest patchbartus
2016-11-08include Shading-aware Multi-view Stereo reconstructionbartus
2016-10-18correct spellingbartus
2016-10-18add gtest to mkdepsbartus
2016-10-18add cmake to mkdepsbartus
2016-10-18initial commitbartus