AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-12fix for python 3.9Jingbei Li
2020-10-13upgraded to 1.7.0Jingbei Li
2020-07-31upgraded to 1.7.0.rc1Jingbei Li
2020-07-11upgraded to 1.7.0.rc0Jingbei Li
2020-01-14fixed dependencyJingbei Li
2019-11-29fixed python versionJingbei Li
2019-11-09fixed typoJingbei Li
2019-11-01upgraded to 1.5.1Jingbei Li
2019-07-29upgraded to 1.5.0 & disabled opencv support for nowJingbei Li
2019-06-25build against gcc8Jingbei Li
2019-06-20splitted to mxnet{,-cuda,-mkl}Jingbei Li
2019-06-17upgraded to 1.4.1Jingbei Li
2019-04-03use system g++Jingbei Li
2019-03-07added missing dependencyJingbei Li
2019-03-05upgraded to 1.4.0Jingbei Li
2018-12-11upgraded to 1.3.1Jingbei Li
2018-11-12added a patchJingbei Li
2018-11-09added tag when cloning the repoJingbei Li
2018-11-02upgraded to 1.3.0Jingbei Li
2018-08-10upgraded to 1.2.1Jingbei Li
2018-05-24upgraded to 1.2.0Jingbei Li
2018-05-18disable GPERFTOOLS and JEMALLOCJingbei Li
2018-05-09added gperftools to makedependJingbei Li
2018-03-22fixes on lapack settingsJingbei Li
2018-02-24upgraded to 1.1.0Jingbei Li
2018-02-10updated for gcc6Jingbei Li
2017-12-08upgraded to 1.0.0Jingbei Li
2017-10-31updated to 0.12.0Jingbei Li
2017-02-28Resolve all dependency issuesGodisemo
2017-02-15Use GNU version of Intel ML library by defaultGodisemo
2017-02-15Use Intel ML library for improved CPU performanceGodisemo
2017-02-14Better dependency handlingGodisemo
2017-02-11Initial commit of v0.9.3Godisemo