AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-28Update to libayatana-appindicator dependencyTed Alff
2023-04-11BumpTed Alff
2020-10-24Switch to masterTed Alff
2020-02-05Switch to the development branch. Change how the pkgver is generated per @yoc...Ted Alff
2020-01-21Install by parsing the files in the debian/ directory rather than pulling the...Ted Alff
2019-10-26Why did they remove!?Ted Alff
2019-08-12Upstream ported to webkit2gtkTed Alff
2019-02-25Update source to github. Various fixes -- thanks tari01Ted Alff
2017-08-10Added osm-gps-map as dependencyTed Alff
2017-08-07Updated with working PKGBUILDTed Alff
2016-09-13Missing dependencyLuigi Guevara
2016-09-13Source link and renaming sourceLuigi Guevara
2016-09-13Fix author name and package nameLuigi Guevara
2016-09-13Update pkgverLuigi Guevara
2016-09-13First buiÃld, to try out the install processLuigi Guevara