AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysUpdate to version 1.22.1Miodrag Tokić
10 daysUpdate to version 1.22.0Miodrag Tokić
2020-05-06Allow python-prompt_toolkit 3 as dependencyMiodrag Tokić
2020-04-28Update to version 1.21.1Miodrag Tokić
2019-08-26Update to version 1.20.1Miodrag Tokić
2019-08-26Update to version 1.20.0Miodrag Tokić
2018-12-17List optional dependenciesMiodrag Tokić
2018-11-22Update to version 1.19.0Miodrag Tokić
2018-11-22Update to version 1.18.2Miodrag Tokić
2018-11-22Update to version 1.18.1Miodrag Tokić
2018-10-03Update to version 1.18.0Miodrag Tokić
2018-06-12Update to version 1.17.0Miodrag Tokić
2018-02-04Update to version 1.16.0Miodrag Tokić
2018-02-04Update to version 1.15.0Miodrag Tokić
2018-02-04Update to version 1.14.0Miodrag Tokić
2017-10-04Update .SRCINFOMiodrag Tokić
2017-10-04Update to version 1.13.1Miodrag Tokić
2017-10-04Update to version 1.13.0Miodrag Tokić
2017-08-14Update to version 1.12.1Miodrag Tokić
2017-08-14Update to version 1.12.0Miodrag Tokić
2017-08-14Update to version 1.11.0Miodrag Tokić
2017-05-17Upgraded to 1.10.1Aaron Abbott
2017-01-11Bump pkgrel for python 3.6 releaseAaron Abbott
2016-11-08Upgraded this and sqlparse specfic to this packageAaron Abbott
2016-08-07Use python-sqlparse-mycli from AURAaron Abbott
2016-08-07Updated to 1.8.0-1Aaron Abbott
2016-05-251.7.1Aaron Abbott
2016-05-24Updated to 1.7.0Aaron Abbott
2016-02-01Added python-crypto dependencyAaron Abbott
2016-01-23And the .SRCINFO for 1.5.2Aaron Abbott
2016-01-23Updated to 1.5.2Aaron Abbott
2015-08-24Updated to 1.4.0Aaron Abbott
2015-08-17Updated to 1.3.0Aaron Abbott
2015-08-05Changed a dependecy's name for aur4Aaron Abbott
2015-08-05Initial commit. Working version 1.2.0, rel 1Aaron Abbott