AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-11Update to v34+fixespvdp
2023-04-15Initial update to v33.1pvdp
2022-03-23Update to v32+fixespvdp
2021-04-10v31+fixes so it works again with mythtv...(mythweb does not (yet) work with p...pvdp
2020-04-18updated checksums because they silently changed upstream again... grrrrrrTaijian
2020-03-24initial update to v31Taijian
2020-03-17incorporate patches to fix issue with php 7.4 in mythweb - kudos to @louis fo...Taijian
2019-04-16add some new patches queued for 30.1Taijian
2019-01-17removed libxnvctrl from make-depends as mythtv now depends on itTaijian
2019-01-17I HATE silent changes to the upstream package that change checksums...Taijian
2019-01-17some fine-tuning for changes in v30Taijian
2019-01-16upgrade to v30.0Taijian
2019-01-14add new patch for php-7.3 compatabilityTaijian
2018-08-26incorporate changes due to removal of libx264, add new patch fileTaijian
2018-07-20cherry-pick patch to fix an issue with php 7.2Taijian
2018-07-08update checksumsTaijian
2018-03-01properly update buildnumberTaijian
2018-03-01update checksumTaijian
2018-02-08fixes to re-enable all pluginsTaijian
2018-02-08initial update to v29.1Taijian
2018-01-07Import from official repositoriesBartłomiej Piotrowski