AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-18Update description to more appropriate onembilker
2016-11-24Update to new build command formatmbilker
2016-11-24Updated to fix package build changesmbilker
2016-08-29And I forgot .SRCINFOmbilker
2016-08-29Update to 0.4.32mbilker
2016-04-03Update versionmbilker
2016-03-21Update versionmbilker
2016-02-25Update versionmbilker
2016-02-10Update version, still need to fix pkgver bugmbilker
2016-01-22Upgrade to 0.3.45 through $pkgvermbilker
2016-01-13Update dependencies to what N1 actually requiresmbilker
2016-01-07Remove unneeded `script/bootstrap`callmbilker
2016-01-07N1 added back a default task which allows `script/build` to work againmbilker
2016-01-05Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2016-01-05Correct the `nylas.desktop` filembilker
2016-01-05Correct the `nylas.desktop` filembilker
2015-12-22Change Upstream URLmbilker
2015-12-22Update SRCINFO and ignore upstream Git repositorymbilker
2015-12-22Use changes from my own personal PKGBUILD and Atom's PKGBUILDmbilker
2015-10-28changed licenseShibumi
2015-10-28pushed initialShibumi