AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-08-13Remove "conflicts" variable in PKGBUILDTércio Martins
2021-04-23Change "natron" to a metapackage (the program was moved to the ↵Tércio Martins
"natron-compositor" package)
2020-06-23Update to version 2.3.15Tércio Martins
2020-05-08Update to version 2.3.15_rc20Tércio Martins
2020-04-13Update to version 2.3.15_rc19Tércio Martins
2020-02-23Update to version 2.3.15_rc16Tércio Martins
2020-01-31Update to version 2.3.15_rc15Tércio Martins
2020-01-10Update to version 2.3.15_rc13Tércio Martins
2020-01-01Update to version 2.3.15_rc12Tércio Martins
2019-10-05Fixes in the .SRCINFO fileTércio Martins
2019-10-05Update to version 2.3.15_rc.10Tércio Martins
2019-08-31Update to version 2.3.15-rc.8Tércio Martins
2019-08-11Update to version 2.3.15_rc.7Tércio Martins
2019-07-31Update to version 2.3.15-pre5Tércio Martins
2019-07-26Update to version 2.3.15-pre4; git was removed from makedependsTércio Martins
2018-09-22The openfx-arena package is now optional because of compilation issues.Tércio Martins
2018-08-06Upgrade to version 2.3.14Tércio Martins
2018-07-05PKGBUILD fixed, now including the PyPlugs in the correct directory, as ↵Tércio Martins
suggested by @devernay.
2018-06-30Upgrade to version 2.3.13Tércio Martins
2018-06-19Upgrade to version 2.3.12Tércio Martins
2018-05-14Upgrade to version 2.3.11Tércio Martins
2018-05-14Upgrade to version 2.3.11Tércio Martins
2018-04-11Fixing outdated source (openfx)Tércio Martins
2018-04-09Removing sha512sum from OpenColorIO-Configs fileTércio Martins
2018-04-09Update to 2.3.10Tércio Martins
2017-12-15Update to 2.3.4Tércio Martins
2017-12-01Update sha512sum from file Natron-v2.3.tar.gz (repo OpenColorIO-Configs)Tércio Martins
2017-11-18Update to 2.3.3; reverting changes in the PKGBUILD fileTércio Martins
2017-06-09upgpkgYour Name
2017-04-292.27Your Name
2017-02-09Update to 2.2.4Luca Weiss
2017-02-04Update to 2.2.3Luca Weiss
2017-01-29Update to 2.2.2Luca Weiss
2017-01-18Update to 2.2.0Luca Weiss
2016-12-01Update to 2.1.9, change to sha512sumsLuca Weiss
2016-11-21stuffLuca Weiss
2016-11-20Fix md5sums, sorry for the inconvenienceLuca Weiss
2016-11-18Improve submodule handling & format codeLuca Weiss
2016-11-17Update to 2.1.8Luca Weiss
2016-10-31update to 2.1.7Luca Weiss
2016-10-24update to 2.1.6Luca Weiss
2016-10-13remove "conflicts"Luca Weiss
2016-10-13Update to 2.1.5Luca Weiss
2016-08-28update for makedependsozgursarier
2016-08-28qmake fixozgursarier