AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-12Update to version 2.5.0Tércio Martins
2022-11-19Update to version 2.4.4Tércio Martins
2022-08-13Remove "conflicts" variable in PKGBUILDTércio Martins
2022-08-08Reverting the Python version used by the PySide library (build only works wit...Tércio Martins
2022-07-07Upgrade PySide to Python 3Tércio Martins
2022-07-07Update to version 2.4.3Tércio Martins
2021-12-25Update to version 2.4.2Tércio Martins
2021-11-14Update to version 2.4.1Tércio Martins
2021-04-23Initial package uploadTércio Martins