AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysUpdate to version 2.10.17Francis Agyapong
2024-05-26Update to version 2.10.16Francis Agyapong
2024-04-15Update to version 2.10.14Francis Agyapong
2024-02-05Update to version 2.10.10Francis Agyapong
2024-01-13Update to version 2.10.9Francis Agyapong
2023-12-10Update to version 2.10.7Francis Agyapong
2023-12-02Update to version 2.10.6Francis Agyapong
2023-11-12Update to version 2.10.5Francis Agyapong
2023-11-06Update to version 2.10.4Francis Agyapong
2023-10-15Update to version 2.10.3Francis Agyapong
2023-09-22Update to version 2.10.1Francis Agyapong
2023-09-20Update to version 2.10.0 and remove replaces listFrancis Agyapong
2023-09-10Update to version 2.9.22Francis Agyapong
2023-08-07Update to version 2.9.21Francis Agyapong
2023-07-16Update to version 2.9.20Francis Agyapong
2023-07-01Add "nats-server" to provides listFrancis Agyapong
2023-06-21Update to version 2.9.19Francis Agyapong
2023-06-18Update to version 2.9.18Francis Agyapong
2023-06-03add conflicts and remove provides as it is implicitFrancis Agyapong
2023-06-03rename package: add -bin suffixFrancis Agyapong
2023-04-23Update to version 2.9.16Francis Agyapong
2023-03-15Update to version 2.9.15Francis Agyapong
2023-02-04Update to version 2.9.12Francis Agyapong
2023-01-13Update to version 2.9.11Francis Agyapong
2022-12-23Update to version 2.9.10Francis Agyapong
2022-12-11Update to version 2.9.9Francis Agyapong
2022-11-27Update to version 2.9.8Francis Agyapong
2022-11-08Update to version 2.9.6Francis Agyapong
2022-11-02Update to version 2.9.5Francis Agyapong
2022-10-31Update to version 2.9.4Francis Agyapong
2022-10-22Update to version 2.9.3Francis Agyapong
2022-10-05Update to version 2.9.2Francis Agyapong
2022-09-11Update to version 2.9.0Francis Agyapong
2022-07-15Update to version 2.8.4Francis Agyapong
2022-05-24Update to version 2.8.3Francis Agyapong
2022-05-12Update to version 2.8.2Francis Agyapong
2022-04-23Update to version 2.8.1Francis Agyapong
2022-02-26Update to version 2.7.3Francis Agyapong
2021-12-20Update to version 2.6.6Francis Agyapong
2021-11-18Update to version 2.6.4Francis Agyapong
2021-09-26Update to version 2.6.1Francis Agyapong
2021-09-17Update to version 2.5.0Francis Agyapong
2021-08-06Update to version 2.3.4Francis Agyapong
2021-07-19Update to version 2.3.2Francis Agyapong
2021-07-05Update to version 2.3.1Francis Agyapong
2021-05-05Update to version 2.2.2Francis Agyapong
2021-04-04Update to version 2.2.1Francis Agyapong
2021-03-25Update to version 2.2.0Francis Agyapong
2021-03-02Update to version 2.1.9Francis Agyapong
2020-09-27License and source fixes:Francis Agyapong