AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-30Update to 2.20.1Iain Earl
2022-01-26Update to 2.19.0Iain Earl
2021-11-19Update to 2.18.0Iain Earl
2021-08-13Update to 2.17.0Iain Earl
2021-04-22Update to 2.16.0Iain Earl
2021-04-12Update to 2.15.1Iain Earl
2021-02-01Add release script to repoIain Earl
2021-01-19Update to 2.14.0Iain Earl
2021-01-04Update to 2.13.1Iain Earl
2020-11-27Update to 2.13.0Iain Earl
2020-10-09Update to 2.12.1Iain Earl
2020-09-16Update to 2.12.0Iain Earl
2020-09-02Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into masterIain Earl
2020-09-02Update to 2.10.0Iain Earl
2020-09-01Bump to v2.10.0wallace
2020-08-24Update to 2.9.0Iain Earl
2020-08-17Update to 2.8.0Iain Earl
2020-08-03Update to 2.7.1Iain Earl
2020-06-05Update to 2.7.0Iain Earl
2020-04-29Update to 2.6.1Iain Earl
2020-04-14Update to 2.5.1Iain Earl
2020-04-11Update to 2.5.0Iain Earl
2020-03-24Update to 2.4.1Iain Earl
2020-03-23Update to 2.3.1Iain Earl
2020-03-22Add LICENSE installIain Earl
2020-03-22Update to 2.3.0Iain Earl
2020-03-22Removing old navi fileIain Earl
2020-02-07Bump to v0.18.3wallace
2020-01-20Bump to v0.18.0wallace
2020-01-04Bump to v0.17.0wallace
2019-11-25Bump to v0.15.3wallace
2019-11-05Bump to v0.15.2wallace
2019-10-24Bump to v0.14.3wallace
2019-10-15Bump to v0.14.0wallace
2019-10-08Bump to v0.12.0wallace
2019-10-05Bump to v0.11.1wallace
2019-09-29Bump to v0.10.3wallace
2019-09-28Bump to v0.10.1wallace
2019-09-26Bump to v0.9.4wallace
2019-09-25Bump to v0.9.2 && Change mkdir to installwallace
2019-09-24Update navi scriptwallace
2019-09-24Move app data to /opt/wallace
2019-09-24Initial commitwallace