AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-09Revert "copy build function from non-git package"Jason Nader
2024-05-09copy build function from non-git packageJason Nader
2024-05-09copy depends from non-git packageJason Nader
2022-04-23navidrome-git: refactoring and updatedM0Rf30
2021-04-29updated tomlSkrtansh Rajput
2021-04-29added .service and .toml filesSkrtansh Rajput
2021-04-26updated to latest git releaseSkrtansh Rajput
2021-04-20updated package for new dependenciesSkrtansh Rajput
2020-04-160.14.4 -> 0.14.5Sumner Evans
2020-04-140.14.3 -> 0.14.4Sumner Evans
2020-04-120.14.2 -> 0.14.3Sumner Evans
2020-04-11Add dependency on ffmpegSumner Evans
2020-04-11Initial commit for navidrome-gitSumner Evans