AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-03Updated links and some build fixesXavierCLL
2019-06-03Update v6.6.2XavierCLL
2018-11-05More verboseXavierCLL
2018-11-05A lot of changes for update to 6.5.0 and several fixes in buildXavierCLL
2018-05-24Updated the urlXavierCLL
2018-01-30Change depends szip for libaecXavierCLL
2017-08-26Fixed the URL for fedora patchesXavierCLL
2017-05-23added again hdf-eos 2 and 5 supportXavierCLL
2017-05-16added szip as dependsXavierCLL
2017-05-16Updated to version 6.4.0XavierCLL
2015-08-17Updated the md5sum listXavierCLL
2015-06-18update dependencie from openmotif to lesstifXavierCLL
2015-06-13Initial importXavierCLL