AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-27update maintainer lineCody P Schafer
2023-08-27srcinfoCody P Schafer
2023-08-27chrpath not needed anymoreCody P Schafer
2023-08-27update to 0.19, move closer to upstream defaultsCody P Schafer
2021-11-22update to 0.18Cody P Schafer
2021-10-13fix build with makechrootpkg from KokaKiwiCody P Schafer
2021-09-28use github url because is deadCody P Schafer
2021-09-28update to 0.17Cody P Schafer
2017-02-09add missing makedepends chrpath. no change to installed package, so rev can s...Cody P Schafer
2017-01-17srcinfoCody P Schafer
2017-01-17cleanup namcap warnings & fix noinst headerCody P Schafer
2016-08-26Forgot to update .SRCINFOrupus
2016-08-26Use httpsrupus
2016-08-26Update to 0.16rupus
2015-06-09Initial importkoltrast