AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-05[lilac] updated to 3.26-3lilac
2023-12-09[lilac] updated to 3.26-1lilac
2023-11-25[lilac] updated to 3.25-1lilac
2023-10-28[lilac] updated to 3.24-1lilac
2023-10-14[lilac] updated to 3.23-1lilac
2023-10-01[lilac] updated to 3.22-1lilac
2023-09-12[lilac] updated to 3.21-1lilac
2023-09-07[lilac] updated to 3.20-1lilac
2023-08-30[lilac] updated to 3.19-1lilac
2023-08-24[lilac] updated to 3.18-1lilac
2023-08-01[lilac] updated to 3.14-1lilac
2023-07-17[lilac] updated to 3.12-1lilac
2023-07-05upgpkg: nekoray@3.9zhullyb
2023-06-06nekoray: update to 3.7zhullyb
2023-06-02Update QT to 6zhullyb
2023-06-02update to 3.6zhullyb
2023-03-122.19 updatezhaose
2023-02-28Change cp to installzhaose
2023-02-28Change cp to install, move from /usr/lib to /usr/sharezhaose
2023-02-28upgpkg: nekoray@2.17zhullyb
2023-02-17Add start scriptAli Molaei
2023-02-15Update to 2.16, Add upgrade notice, Clean up the home dir messAli Molaei
2023-02-09Make default group more generalAli Molaei
2023-02-04Update to 2.14Ali Molaei
2023-01-29Update to 2.12Ali Molaei
2023-01-14Update to 2.11Ali Molaei
2023-01-03Update to 2.10Ali Molaei
2022-12-19Update to 2.9Ali Molaei
2022-12-16Fix sha256sumAli Molaei
2022-12-08Update to 2.8Ali Molaei
2022-12-07Update to 2.7Ali Molaei
2022-11-28Update to 2.6Ali Molaei
2022-11-26Update to 2.5Ali Molaei
2022-11-22Update to 2.4Ali Molaei
2022-11-10Update to 2.3Ali Molaei
2022-10-31fix(update): update .SRCINFO for v2.2Maz
2022-10-31feat(update): v2.2Maz
2022-10-29feat(init): add nekorayMaz