AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-09Update to 3.26Ali Molaei
2023-11-28Update to 3.25Ali Molaei
2023-11-01Update to 3.24Ali Molaei
2023-10-14Update to 3.23Ali Molaei
2023-09-13Update to 3.21Ali Molaei
2023-09-08Update to 3.20Ali Molaei
2023-08-30Update to 3.19Ali Molaei
2023-08-24Revert to 3.17 due to issues in 3.18Ali Molaei
2023-08-24Update tot 3.18Ali Molaei
2023-08-19Update to 3.17Ali Molaei
2023-08-16Update to 3.16Ali Molaei
2023-07-27Update to 3.14Ali Molaei
2023-07-27Update to 3.12Ali Molaei
2023-07-15Update to 3.10Ali Molaei
2023-06-05Update to 3.7, Add opt deps for sign-boxAli Molaei
2023-06-01Update to 3.6Ali Molaei
2023-05-26Update to 3.5Ali Molaei
2023-05-23Update to 3.4Ali Molaei
2023-05-20Update to 3.3Ali Molaei
2023-05-18Update to 3.2Ali Molaei
2023-05-17Update to 3.1Ali Molaei
2023-05-17Update to 3.0Ali Molaei
2023-05-03Update to 2.28Ali Molaei
2023-04-28Update to 2.27Ali Molaei
2023-04-19Update to 2.26Ali Molaei
2023-04-17Update to 2.25Ali Molaei
2023-04-11Update to 2.24Ali Molaei
2023-04-08Update to 2.22, remove install noticeAli Molaei
2023-04-03Update to 2.21Ali Molaei
2023-03-27Update to 2.20Ali Molaei
2023-03-08Update to 2.19Ali Molaei
2023-03-03Update to 2.18Ali Molaei
2023-02-28Update to 2.17Ali Molaei
2023-02-08Nuke dumb launcher script.Molyuu
2023-02-08Do not install to $HOME,install to /usr/ instead.Molyuu
2023-02-08Init commitMolyuu