AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-02Version bump 5.6.0Ted Alff
2022-12-02Version bump 5.6.0Ted Alff
2022-07-19Version bump 5.4.1Ted Alff
2022-06-19Remove unneeded python-xdg dependencyTed Alff
2022-06-12Version bump 5.4.0Ted Alff
2021-12-10Version bump 5.2.0Ted Alff
2021-06-02Version bump 5.0.0Ted Alff
2021-02-06Adopt and updateTed Alff
2018-11-07Remove diffuse from dependenciesSebastian Lau
2018-11-06UPD: Added optional dependenciesSebastian Lau
2018-11-03UPD to v4.0.0Sebastian Lau
2018-05-19UPD to 3.8.0Sebastian Lau
2017-11-06UPD .SRCINFOSebastian Lau
2017-11-06UPD to 3.6.0Sebastian Lau
2017-09-11kdiff3 does not seem to work anymoreSebastian Lau
2017-05-08UPD to 3.4.0Sebastian Lau
2016-11-10UPD to 3.2.0Sebastian Lau
2016-04-27UPD to 3.0nullptr_t
2016-04-22Merge masterSebastian Lau
2016-04-22ADD groupSebastian Lau
2016-02-01Trigger rebuild due to new nemo releasegS644
2015-12-04Add python2 fix & update dependenciesgS644
2015-11-22Update to new mint releasegS644
2015-10-22Update to 2.8.0gS644
2015-08-13Fixed optdepends typogS644
2015-07-30Add optdependsgS644
2015-07-30Initial importgS644