AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-26Version bump 6.2.0Ted Alff
2024-06-05Add patch for python-pypdf compatibilityTed Alff
2023-12-16Version bump 6.0.1Ted Alff
2023-12-02Fix exiv2 -> libgexiv2 dependencyTed Alff
2023-11-22Version bump 6.0.0Ted Alff
2023-06-24Version bump 5.8.0Ted Alff
2022-12-02Version bump 5.6.0Ted Alff
2022-12-02Version bump 5.6.0Ted Alff
2022-07-19Version bump 5.4.1Ted Alff
2022-06-12Version bump 5.4.0Ted Alff
2021-12-10Version bump 5.2.0Ted Alff
2021-06-14Add missing python-stopit dependencyTed Alff
2021-06-02Version bump 5.0.0Ted Alff
2020-12-01Version bump 4.8.0Ted Alff
2020-05-14Version bump 4.6.0Ted Alff
2019-11-20Version bump 4.4.0Ted Alff
2019-08-01Version bump 4.2.0Ted Alff
2018-11-04Version bump 4.0.0Ted Alff
2018-05-08Version update 3.8.0Ted Alff
2017-11-04Fix patch update not committedTed Alff
2017-11-02Version bump 3.6.0Ted Alff
2017-05-08Version update 3.4.0Ted Alff
2017-02-02Adopted (had been deleted) and version bump to 3.2.1Ted Alff
2016-05-07UPD to 3.0.0nullptr_t
2015-06-09Update to 2.6.0Xiao-Long Chen
2015-06-08Import from old AURXiao-Long Chen