AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-09use MediaInfoDLL3.pyMark Wagie
2021-09-021.0.4Mark Wagie
2020-04-25updated to 1.0.3Mark Wagie
2020-01-28updated email addressyochananmarqos
2019-05-26updated to 1.0yochananmarqos
2019-02-24switched from md5sums to sha256sumsyochananmarqos
2018-11-05A little tidyingMark Wagie
2018-11-05fixed typos & md5sums (again)Mark Wagie
2018-11-04fixed typos & md5sumsMark Wagie
2018-11-04updpkg: 0.3-5 (move to Python 3)Kevin Brodsky
2018-09-11Actually fixed locale location (really)Mark Wagie
2018-09-11Actually fixed locale locationMark Wagie
2018-09-11Fixed locale locationMark Wagie
2018-09-10Updated to 0.3Mark Wagie
2018-09-04tidied PKGBUILDMark Wagie
2018-09-02Updated dependenciesMark Wagie
2018-09-02Initial uploadMark Wagie