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13 daysBump package version to 1.3.11Angelo Gazzola
2020-11-02Add fuse to dependenciesAngelo Gazzola
2020-10-29Bump package version to 1.3.10Angelo Gazzola
2020-09-25Bump package version to 1.3.8Angelo Gazzola
2020-07-27Bump package version to 1.3.3Angelo Gazzola
2020-07-14Bump package version to 1.3.2Angelo Gazzola
2020-06-12Update checksumAngelo Gazzola
2020-06-05Update .SRCINFOAngelo Gazzola
2020-06-05Bump package versionAngelo Gazzola
2020-05-14Update .SRCINFOAngelo Gazzola
2020-05-14Initial commitAngelo Gazzola