AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-26add patch to make it buildhaawda
2021-02-13Updated to v11 of neoleo (Skinny Pete)Mark Carter
2020-05-27unset some flagsMark Carter
2020-05-27Fix build problemsMark Carter
2020-05-27v10.0-1 releaseMark Carter
2020-01-05Corrected md5sumMark Carter
2020-01-05v9.0-1 of neoleoMark Carter
2019-01-21Version 8.0.0 releasedMark Carter
2017-12-04Updated to version 7.0.0Mark Carter
2017-11-01Compiled with library libtinfoMark Carter
2017-07-07Version 6.0.0 07-Jul-2017Mark Carter
2017-06-03Compile with permissive flagsMark Carter
2017-03-31Forgot .SRCINFOMark Carter
2017-03-31New packageMark Carter
2016-12-05Release v4.0.1Mark Carter
2016-11-29Make xbae a mandatory, not optional, dependencyMark Carter
2016-11-29Update for required and optional dependenciesMark Carter
2016-11-29neoleo added as a new packageMark Carter