AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-14new structure, manpage, etc. at 12:08 of 2020-11-14Nathan Robinson
2020-11-11fix at 01:48 of 2020-11-11Nathan Robinson
2020-11-11oops at 01:15 of 2020-11-11Nathan Robinson
2020-11-11use python setuptools at 01:13 of 2020-11-11Nathan Robinson
2020-10-30additionally install neopo as python moduleNathan Robinson
2020-10-14fix pkgver at 01:23 of 2020-10-14Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13change .SRCINFO at 21:46 of 2020-10-13Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13add pkgver() function at 21:46 of 2020-10-13Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13fix? at 20:42 of 2020-10-13Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13test at 20:38 of 2020-10-13Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13add support for aarch64Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13initial commitNathan Robinson