AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-05Support for armv7hNathan Robinson
2022-12-17Bump versionNathan Robinson
2022-11-19bump version for manifest fixNathan Robinson
2022-03-10Version bumpNathan Robinson
2021-12-22Bump version for python 3.10Nathan Robinson
2021-11-19use lts nodejs on aarch64 at 23:41 of 2021-11-19Nathan Robinson
2021-10-26version bump at 00:45 of 2021-10-26Nathan Robinson
2021-06-27bump version at 17:38 of 2021-06-27Nathan Robinson
2021-06-16Bump version numberNathan Robinson
2021-05-23fix quotes, bump version at 11:23 of 2021-05-23Nathan Robinson
2021-05-23fix quotes, bump version at 11:22 of 2021-05-23Nathan Robinson
2021-05-02add jq for bash completion at 14:35 of 2021-05-02Nathan Robinson
2021-04-20version bump at 23:29 of 2021-04-20Nathan Robinson
2021-02-20add particle completion script at 16:24 of 2021-02-20Nathan Robinson
2021-02-19bump version at 13:53 of 2021-02-19Nathan Robinson
2021-01-23new manifest location at 19:14 of 2021-01-23Nathan Robinson
2021-01-03bump version at 20:26 of 2021-01-03Nathan Robinson
2020-12-28version bump at 01:03 of 2020-12-28Nathan Robinson
2020-12-21add openocd-git and vscode to optdepends at 15:18 of 2020-12-21Nathan Robinson
2020-12-21use optdepends, hopefully works better with yay at 14:59 of 2020-12-21Nathan Robinson
2020-12-18version bump at 15:04 of 2020-12-18Nathan Robinson
2020-11-14new structure, manpage, etc. at 12:08 of 2020-11-14Nathan Robinson
2020-11-11fix at 01:48 of 2020-11-11Nathan Robinson
2020-11-11oops at 01:15 of 2020-11-11Nathan Robinson
2020-11-11use python setuptools at 01:13 of 2020-11-11Nathan Robinson
2020-10-30additionally install neopo as python moduleNathan Robinson
2020-10-14fix pkgver at 01:23 of 2020-10-14Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13change .SRCINFO at 21:46 of 2020-10-13Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13add pkgver() function at 21:46 of 2020-10-13Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13fix? at 20:42 of 2020-10-13Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13test at 20:38 of 2020-10-13Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13add support for aarch64Nathan Robinson
2020-10-13initial commitNathan Robinson