AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-20Upstream removed restricted modeDoug Newgard
2019-11-28Remove exim scriptDoug Newgard
2018-02-21SimplifyDoug Newgard
2018-02-21Use more wrapper scripts to run what's actually calledDoug Newgard
2016-06-12Adapt to my preferred styleDoug Newgard
2016-06-12Add gitignoreDoug Newgard
2015-11-02Now depends on neovim instead of neovim-git, which is provided by the neovim-...tomasstorck
2015-09-16Bumped pkgrel in PKGBUILD. This should stop the package from constantly updatingtomasstorck
2015-09-16Added vimdiff, which corresponds to nvim -dtomasstorck
2015-08-10Initial commit based on PKGBUILD by Tom Richardstomasstorck