AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-284.8.0Martin Diehl
2023-12-27new location, standard nameMartin Diehl
2023-12-27missing updateMartin Diehl
2023-12-27missing package updateMartin Diehl
2023-12-27missing checksum updateMartin Diehl
2023-12-26harmonize checksum functionality in my packagesMartin Diehl
2023-12-24use make to let user control number of jobsMartin Diehl
2023-12-21polishingMartin Diehl
2023-12-094.7.0Martin Diehl
2023-05-214.6.0Martin Diehl
2022-12-264.5.0Martin Diehl
2022-04-244.4.1Martin Diehl
2021-06-154.2.0Martin Diehl
2021-02-114.1.2Martin Diehl
2020-12-10first version of an Arch packageMartin Diehl