AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-24update to nerd-fonts 2.3.3D3SOX
2023-01-23update to nerd-fonts 2.3.2D3SOX
2023-01-23update to nerd-fonts 2.3.1D3SOX
2022-10-25apple updated the fontD3SOX
2022-06-08bump pkgrelD3SOX
2022-06-08apple updated the fontD3SOX
2022-04-22bump pkgrelD3SOX
2022-04-22update checksumD3SOX
2021-11-12use gnu parallel to patch fontsD3SOX
2021-11-12apple updated the fontD3SOX
2021-10-04fix srcinfoD3SOX
2021-10-04add version to font file to prevent caching by aur helpersD3SOX
2021-09-28apple updated fontD3SOX
2021-06-08use absolute glyph directoryD3SOX
2021-06-08only redirect stdout to nullD3SOX
2021-06-08update extraction method, don't use makepkg subroutinesD3SOX
2021-06-08apple updated to the fontD3SOX
2020-10-07added maintainer commentD3SOX
2020-09-23rebase to use nerd-fonts releaseD3SOX
2020-09-23initial commitD3SOX