AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-28Updated to 3.1.18Denis Yantarev
2023-09-24Updated to 3.1.17Denis Yantarev
2023-09-15Updated to 3.1.16Denis Yantarev
2023-09-15Add .zst to .gitignoreDenis Yantarev
2023-08-31Updated conflictsDenis Yantarev
2023-08-31Updated to 3.1.15Denis Yantarev
2022-08-30Updated page URLDenis Yantarev
2022-05-29Applied signal 11 patch from FreeBSD portsDenis Yantarev
2022-05-10Fixed dependenciesDenis Yantarev
2022-05-09Updated to 3.1.13Denis Yantarev
2021-08-03Use system tdb>=1.4.5Denis Yantarev
2021-07-22Use embedded tdbDenis Yantarev
2021-04-13CleanupDenis Yantarev
2021-03-26Switched to dbus-pythonDenis Yantarev
2020-11-14Added cracklib to dependencies and aarch64 to architecturesDenis Yantarev
2020-05-24GCC10 compatibility patchDenis Yantarev
2019-08-13Switched to system tdbDenis Yantarev
2018-12-21Updated to 3.1.12Denis Yantarev
2017-04-18Added .gitignoreDenis Yantarev
2017-03-18Updated to 3.1.11Denis Yantarev
2016-09-21Updated to 3.1.10Denis Yantarev
2016-07-24Updated to 3.1.9Denis Yantarev
2016-01-03Upstream package update to 3.1.8Denis Yantarev
2015-06-09Initial importDenis Yantarev