AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-24[3.1-2] Include netatop.service into packagem1kc (Max Musatov)
2020-05-10Update to 3.1m1kc (Max Musatov)
2020-04-20Update to netatop 3.0m1kc (Max Musatov)
2020-03-02Add patch for kernels >= 5.5m1kc (Max Musatov)
2017-10-04Update netatop to version 2.0m1kc (Max Musatov)
2016-06-20Two changes.m1kc (Max Musatov)
2016-06-20Update netatop version.m1kc (Max Musatov)
2015-10-15Update to version 0.7.m1kc (Max Musatov)
2015-08-21Update to 0.6.m1kc (Max Musatov)
2015-07-06Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur4.archlinux.org/netatop-dkmsm1kc (Max Musatov)
2015-07-06Some fixes. Closes #1. Closes #2.m1kc (Max Musatov)
2015-07-06Some fixes. Closes #1. Closes #2.m1kc (Max Musatov)
2015-07-06First commit. Also, I hope it's the last.m1kc (Max Musatov)