AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-27update pkgrelVincenzo Maffione
2018-11-27remove dependency from aspVincenzo Maffione
2018-11-19enable ptnetmap, add commentsVincenzo Maffione
2018-11-19update to fix the installation phaseVincenzo Maffione
2018-11-19download kernel sources from to speed up build timeVincenzo Maffione
2018-08-20PKGBUILD: upgrade version extraction logicVincenzo Maffione
2018-04-24PKGBUILD: add asp update commandVincenzo Maffione
2018-04-24resolve conflict on bridge (with iproute2)Vincenzo Maffione
2017-08-06don't install to /usr/local (guidelines)Vincenzo Maffione
2017-06-04PKGBUILD: fix --kernel-sources argumentVincenzo Maffione
2017-05-30update PKGBUILD to only check agains major versionsVincenzo Maffione
2017-05-25update PKGBUILD to use asp in place of absVincenzo Maffione
2017-04-07PKGBUILD: add make dependency from bcVincenzo Maffione
2017-04-07PKGBUILD: update descriptionVincenzo Maffione
2017-04-07PKGBUILD: fix dependencies using namcap, and also add dependency on patchVincenzo Maffione
2016-12-19PKGBUILD: use the new --no-ext-drivers configure switchVincenzo Maffione
2016-12-16PKGBUILD: re-enable igb patched driverVincenzo Maffione
2016-12-14PKGBUILD: use /usr prefix to avoid conflicts with /lib symlinkVincenzo Maffione
2016-12-14update to new netmap build systemVincenzo Maffione
2015-12-26netmap.install: add message to tell user how to manage patched driversVincenzo Maffione
2015-12-26PKGBUILD: override more variables when calling nested makepkgVincenzo Maffione
2015-12-26PKGBUILD: set SRCDEST as an environment variable for the makepkg invocationVincenzo Maffione
2015-12-25PKGBUILD: also force SRCPKGDEST variableVincenzo Maffione
2015-12-25PKGBUILD: force SRCDEST environment variable to the expected valueVincenzo Maffione
2015-12-09update .SRCINFOVincenzo Maffione
2015-12-09update PKGBUILD to automatize git fetchVincenzo Maffione
2015-11-12update .SRCINFOVincenzo Maffione
2015-09-29updated to linux-4.2 seriesVincenzo Maffione
2015-07-04Initial importVincenzo Maffione