AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-26Limit git rev-parse to 7 chars and move deps to package().Patrick Northon
2023-09-26Add --abbrev=7 to pkgver().Patrick Northon
2023-03-20Fix docbook dependency.Patrick Northon
2023-03-20Install config directory and add some optdepends descriptions.Patrick Northon
2022-11-16Add some optional dependencies.Patrick Northon
2022-09-30Update for new cmake build.Patrick Northon
2021-11-25Add optdepends.Patrick Northon
2021-11-14New install script.Patrick Northon
2021-11-12Add docbook5-xml dependency and fix man build.Patrick Northon
2021-10-25Add manual pages.Patrick Northon
2021-08-01Update install location of scripts.Patrick Northon
2021-03-25Add option !stripPatrick Northon
2021-03-24Add missing makedepends.Patrick Northon
2021-03-18initial commit.Patrick Northon