AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-27Fetch submodules by default, they are needed for Unvanquished mapsSpike29
2021-03-20Remove the map mime type after all, as running update-mime-database will eras...Spike29
2021-03-20Keep the map mime type + some cleanups in the commentsSpike29
2021-03-20Update the package descriptionSpike29
2020-11-21Improve package()Spike29
2020-05-21Use double quotes in cmake optionsSpike29
2020-05-21Update package descriptionSpike29
2020-05-21Add a commented line to fetch and compile submodulesSpike29
2020-05-21Use -S instead of -H in cmake optionsSpike29
2020-01-18Update the URLSpike29
2020-01-03Update git versionAaron Fischer
2019-08-09Use Gitlab as a sourceSpike29
2019-08-05New git versionAaron Fischer
2019-08-04Update git versionAaron Fischer
2019-07-27Bump versionAaron Fischer
2019-06-19Update 'provides'Spike29
2019-06-19Fix the installation directory for the license file, namcap flagged this as a...Spike29
2019-06-19Remove the second cmake configure step, as it is no longer neededSpike29
2019-06-19Indentation cleanupsSpike29
2019-06-02Clean up the PKGBUILD file a littleAaron Fischer
2019-06-02New git commit, improve the PKGBUILD and fix the installation of gamepacks du...Spike29
2019-05-21Remove map.xml mimetype, as it doesn't work and is erased by the update-mime-...Spike29
2019-05-21Update to latest git snapshot, respect the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard for ...Spike29
2019-04-21New git versionAaron Fischer
2019-02-12Bump git versionAaron Fischer
2019-01-12New git commitAaron Fischer
2018-11-11Fix the gamepacks suggested from Spike29Aaron Fischer
2018-11-11Add suggestions from Spike29Aaron Fischer
2017-08-07Add netradiant iconAaron Fischer
2017-08-07Add suggestions from Spike29, thanks for that!Aaron Fischer
2015-06-12AUR4 split: Updated netradiant-gitJ0k3r
2015-03-24AUR4 split: Reworked netradiant-git + now maintainerJ0k3r
2014-02-07AUR4 split: Unified email styleJ0k3r
2014-02-07AUR4 split: Initial CommitJ0k3r