AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-10fix nm-connection-editorSolomon Choina
2024-02-17fixing package, license and other stuffSolomon Choina
2024-02-17fixing package, license and other stuffSolomon Choina
2021-05-23updating NMA and fixing stuffsolaraquarion
2021-05-23updating NMAsolaraquarion
2021-02-02selinux support and dependency updateSolomon Choina
2019-11-30moving libnma to a seperate PKGBUILD and decided to add libappindicatorSolomon Choina
2019-11-30bye bye nm-gtk and libnma was split offSolomon Choina
2019-04-30pkgver updatesSolomon Choina
2019-02-02updpkgverSolomon Choina
2018-10-25updating pkgver and changing the PKGBUILD aroundSolomon Choina
2018-06-25removing gtk_doc in mesonSolomon Choina
2018-05-15change dependsSolomon Choina
2018-05-15update pkgver and add dependsSolomon Choina
2018-03-27updating pkgver adding mesonSolomon Choina
2018-03-27i forgot to add mesonSolomon Choina
2018-02-14updating pkgver and porting to mesonSolomon Choina
2017-12-06update pkgverSolomon Choina
2017-03-16doing some updatessolaraquarion
2015-07-25updated mksrcinfoSolmon Choina
2015-07-25updating pkgverSolmon Choina
2015-06-10updated stuff to 1.1.0. Cleaned up PKGBUILDSolomon Choina