AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-01Revert "update pkg sums"primalmotion
2023-03-29update pkg sumsprimalmotion
2023-01-30bump to 2.2.4primalmotion
2022-08-152.2.3 releaseprimalmotion
2022-05-10adopt package + update to 2.2.2primalmotion
2022-04-26update to 2.2.1Clayton Craft
2022-04-25add missing srcinfoClayton Craft
2022-04-25Update to 2.2Clayton Craft
2020-08-17Update to 2.1Clayton Craft
2019-11-06Update to 2.0.1Clayton Craft
2018-11-12Include asciidoc as makedependClayton Craft
2018-11-11Update to 2.0Clayton Craft
2018-06-04update url to new locationClayton Craft
2018-06-04Source moved to gitlabClayton Craft
2018-02-11Update to 1.7Clayton Craft
2018-01-07update to 1.6Clayton Craft
2017-06-19update to 1.5Clayton Craft
2017-05-03Update to 1.4Clayton Craft
2017-04-16update for 1.3 releaseClayton Craft
2017-03-24update to 1.2Clayton Craft
2017-02-12update to new release and change integrity check to sha1Clayton Craft
2017-01-13add missed dependency: dbus-glibClayton Craft
2017-01-04initial releaseClayton Craft