AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-21Update to 1.627remspoor
2019-12-06Solved issue with .SRCINFOremspoor
2019-12-06Update to 1.626remspoor
2019-10-19Update to 1.613remspoor
2019-09-15Update to 1.605remspoor
2019-08-25Update to 1.597Jake
2019-07-08Update to 1.585remspoor
2019-05-25Update to 1.581Jake
2019-05-16Update to 1.579remspoor
2019-04-11Update to 1.571Jake
2019-03-02Update to 1.565remspoor
2019-02-19Update to 1.561remspoor
2019-01-13Update to 1.553remspoor
2018-12-02Update to 1.544Jake
2018-10-30Update to 1.541remspoor
2018-10-23Update to 1.540Jake
2018-10-04Update to 1.536remspoor
2018-09-16Update to 1.534Jake
2018-07-14Update to 1.520Jake
2018-04-12Update to 1.515Jake
2018-03-03Update to 1.511remspoor
2018-02-25Update to 1.504remspoor
2017-12-24Load SDL_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG from txt file in home dirJake
2017-12-24Update to 1.497Jake
2017-11-30Update to 1.492remspoor
2017-11-26Changed sha256sum to the current versionremspoor
2017-11-23Update to 1.486Jake
2017-10-29Update to 1.485Jake
2017-09-28Update to 1.483Jake
2017-09-14Update to 1.482remspoor
2017-09-14Added some information about not working USB controllesremspoor
2017-09-06Update to 1.481remspoor
2017-06-03Update to 1.473Jake
2017-03-27Update to 1.469Jake
2017-03-13Update to 1.468remspoor
2017-02-16Update to 1.466remspoor
2017-01-14Oops, forgot to change package versionremspoor
2017-01-14Update to 1.465remspoor
2017-01-12Update to 1.464Jake
2016-12-25Update to 1.463 and use supplied licenseJake
2016-12-05Update for version 1.462remspoor
2016-11-14Update for version 1.460remspoor
2016-10-26Update for version 1.457remspoor
2016-10-23Add license and change pkgrelJake
2016-10-22Created small script to start neXt.x86*remspoor
2016-10-21Cleanup a few unused fieldsremspoor
2016-10-21Update for version 1.455Rinus Remspoor
2016-10-20Fixed: not starting and icon not foundRinus Remspoor
2016-10-20Big rework, Thanks Jake!Rinus Remspoor
2016-10-20Removed the icon files themselvesRinus Remspoor