AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-13Update to v2.1.4,with SRCINFOCattySteve
2023-11-13Update to v2.1.4CattySteve
2023-01-142.0.2Catty Steve
2022-11-11v1.0.4Catty Steve
2022-08-19Updated to v1.0.3Catty Steve
2021-12-22update to 1.0.2;Jiří Kuchyňka (Anty)
2021-07-04update to 1.0.1;Jiří Kuchyňka (Anty)
2021-03-22update to 1.0.0;Jiří Kuchyňka (Anty)
2021-03-07update to 0.9.9;Jiří Kuchyňka (Anty)
2021-03-03add updaurpkg update checking helper;Jiří Kuchyňka (Anty)
2021-01-22Update to ver 0.9.8;Jiří Kuchyňka (Anty)
2020-02-23Update to ver 0.9.5Hezekiah Michael
2019-06-14Initial commit.Hezekiah Michael