AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-16fixed typo... :/icebal
2018-11-16fixed typo... :/icebal
2018-11-16updated to 2.7.1, and added proper DBUS supporticebal
2018-06-23Description updatedAynur Shakirov
2018-06-23source fix in .SRCINFOAynur Shakirov
2018-06-23Updated to 2.6.2Aynur Shakirov
2018-01-19update to release 2.5.4Oliver Mangold
2017-09-14update to version 2.5.2Oliver Mangold
2017-08-21updating to version Mangold
2017-06-02switching to version 2.4.5 and fixing stuff to actually buildOliver Mangold
2017-03-14InitTimofey Titovets