AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-07Add ARM architectures to arch arrayMorgenstern
2022-01-14Remove usage of nginx configure flags from the build() function to prevent br...Morgenstern
2021-10-30Fix pkgrelMorgenstern
2021-10-30Update to v0.5.2Morgenstern
2021-05-08Switch to nginx-mainline-src source, update URL fieldMorgenstern
2021-04-16Update to nginx-mainline-1.19.10Morgenstern
2021-03-31Update to nginx-mainline-1.19.9Morgenstern
2021-03-10Update to nginx-mainline-1.19.8Morgenstern
2021-02-19Update to nginx-mainline-1.19.7Morgenstern
2020-12-23nginx-mainline version as a variableMorgenstern
2020-12-23Update to nginx-mainline-1.19.6Morgenstern
2020-10-27Update to v0.5.1Morgenstern
2020-10-25Update to v0.5.0Morgenstern
2020-10-21Changed pkgdescMorgenstern
2020-10-21Fixed module path errorMorgenstern
2020-10-21Update to nginx-mainline-1.19.3, new maintainerMorgenstern
2020-06-04bump to 0.4.4 and nginx-mainline 1.19.0John K. Luebs
2020-04-16bump to nginx-mainline 1.17.10John K. Luebs
2020-03-08bump to nginx-mainline 1.17.9John K. Luebs
2020-02-11bump to nginx-mainline 1.17.8John K. Luebs
2019-06-29bump to nginx-mainline 1.17.1John K. Luebs
2019-02-26bump to nginx 1.15.9John K. Luebs
2019-01-30Use hardcoded nginx version and Fix SRCINFOJohn K. Luebs
2018-12-12bump to 0.4.3John K. Luebs
2018-06-09bump pkgrel for 1.15.0Hoàng Đức Hiếu
2018-04-13bump pkgrel for 1.3.12Hoàng Đức Hiếu
2018-04-09bump pkgrel for 1.3.11Hoàng Đức Hiếu
2018-03-31bump rel in pkgbuildHoàng Đức Hiếu
2018-03-28hide nginx versionHoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-12-04bump for nginx 1.13.7Hoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-10-15check nginx integrity by PGP keyHoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-08-21bump to 0.4.2Hoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-08-21ignore archivesHoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-08-14bump for nginx 1.13.4Hoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-07-20properly fix optsHoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-07-20fix cc-options for nginx 1.13.3-2Hoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-07-13bump for nginx 1.13.3Hoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-07-13download nginx via httpsHoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-07-05bump for nginx 1.13.2Hoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-06-05bump for nginx 1.13.1Hoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-05-24ask nginx for its versionHoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-05-24ask nginx for its versionHoàng Đức Hiếu
2017-05-23create package for version 0.4.1Hoàng Đức Hiếu