AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysUpdate .SRCINFOJoseph Donofry
10 daysAdd missing quickcontrols2 depJoseph Donofry
2020-01-30Update .SRCINFOJoseph Donofry
2020-01-30Update PKGBUILD to support new build configurationJoseph Donofry
2019-06-18Fix .SRCINFO pkgverJoseph Donofry
2019-06-18Update to 0.7.0 development branchJoseph Donofry
2019-05-23Update to 0.6.4Joseph Donofry
2019-05-12Use more cores for buildJoseph Donofry
2019-05-12Use statically linked mtxclient so we're using the correct one for a rolling ...Joseph Donofry
2019-05-12Use included JSONJoseph Donofry
2019-05-12Update JSON include pathJoseph Donofry
2019-05-12Don't use bundled JSON libJoseph Donofry
2019-05-12Update .SRCINFOJoseph Donofry
2019-05-12Use bundled nlohmannJoseph Donofry
2019-05-12Update .SRCINFOJoseph Donofry
2019-05-12Update to Nheko-Reborn repo and change version info.Joseph Donofry
2019-05-11Add new maintainer infoJoseph Donofry
2018-09-18Add libcmark as dependencyKonstantinos Sideris
2018-07-16Update to v0.5.0Konstantinos Sideris
2018-07-08Update build steps to include header-only libsKonstantinos Sideris
2018-06-17Update with the new dependenciesKonstantinos Sideris
2018-05-03Bump version & add qt5-svg as dependencyKonstantinos Sideris
2018-04-12Bump version to v0.3.0Konstantinos Sideris
2018-03-14Update version to v0.2.1Konstantinos Sideris
2018-03-05Update to v0.2.0 & remove submodulesKonstantinos Sideris
2017-12-06Remove ninjaKonstantinos Sideris
2017-12-04Integration with matrix structsKonstantinos Sideris
2017-08-10Skip md5sums for all the reposKonstantinos Sideris
2017-08-10Use submodules and depend on lmdbKonstantinos Sideris
2017-05-29Update srcinfomujx
2017-05-29Add qt5-tools in order to create translationsmujx
2017-05-09Initial commitmujx