AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-18the old xulr just doesn't play nice anymoreMatt Parnell
2016-06-18Revert "we can once more build using no binaries"Matt Parnell
2016-06-18we can once more build using no binariesMatt Parnell
2016-06-17temporary? workaround - use bin deps for now againMatt Parnell
2016-06-16require gcc5 as gcc 6 and beyond do not work with older xulrunnersMatt Parnell
2016-01-29bumpMatt Parnell
2015-10-09hopeful build fixMatt Parnell
2015-10-08hopefully this fixes buildingMatt Parnell
2015-10-03set build official so the git hash is in the version numberMatt Parnell
2015-10-02new sqliteMatt Parnell
2015-09-29forgot to update srcinfoMatt Parnell
2015-09-29Merge branch 'testing'Matt Parnell
2015-09-29update gitignoreMatt Parnell
2015-09-29update gitignoreMatt Parnell
2015-09-29add gitignoreMatt Parnell
2015-09-29fix another pathMatt Parnell
2015-09-29fix pathMatt Parnell
2015-09-28another little fixMatt Parnell
2015-09-28typosMatt Parnell
2015-09-28use the source for the dependencies (static)Matt Parnell
2015-08-31version bumpMatt Parnell
2015-06-15Initial importMatt Parnell