AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-29Updated to 4.9Luuk van Baal
2023-05-11Temporarily build from master for Nerd Fonts v3Luuk van Baal
2023-04-13Updated to 4.8Luuk van Baal
2022-11-24Updated to 4.7Luuk van Baal
2022-07-26Updated to 4.6Luuk van Baal
2022-04-26Updated to 4.5Luuk van Baal
2021-11-23Updated to 4.4Luuk van Baal
2021-09-29Updated to 4.3Luuk van Baal
2021-08-06Updated to 4.2Luuk van Baal
2021-06-03Updated to 4.1.1Luuk van Baal
2021-04-13Updated to 4.0Luuk van Baal
2021-03-28Remove signature checkLuuk van Baal
2021-03-15update .SRCINFOLuuk van Baal
2021-03-15v3.6.0Luuk van Baal
2020-12-08New package with nerd make variableLuuk van Baal