AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-18tldr 3.2.7Ivan Fonseca
2018-07-14Forgot to update SRCINFO for 3.2.3Ivan Fonseca
2018-07-14Update to 3.2.3 and update PKGBUILd formatIvan Fonseca
2018-03-07Fix SRCINFOIvan Fonseca
2018-01-29Version 3.1.1Ivan Fonseca
2017-11-16Update to version 3.0.1Ivan Fonseca
2017-10-14Version 2.0.2Ivan Fonseca
2017-10-03Bumped version and changed to https URLIvan Fonseca
2017-04-16Version BumpJohn D Jones III
2016-10-13Update URL and to 1.6.2-1John D Jones III
2016-01-08Update to nodejs-tldr-1.3.0-1John D Jones III
2015-12-28Update to nodejs-tldr-1.2.1-1John D Jones III
2015-09-29Update to 1.0.1John D Jones III
2015-06-16Initial importJohn D Jones III