AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-14Update to 8.5.3wereii
2023-02-21Update to 8.4.2wereii
2023-01-23Update to 8.3.1_1wereii
2022-12-01Update to 8.2.3_4wereii
2022-10-03Update to 8.1.2_1wereii
2022-06-22Update to 7.10.1wereii
2022-03-24Update to 7.9.2wereii
2022-02-07Update to 7.8.2wereii
2021-10-26Update to 7.7.4_1wereii
2021-07-21Repair installation processwereii
2021-05-31upgpkg: nomachine-enterprise-client 7.6.2-1wereii
2021-04-07Update to 7.4.1-1fxd
2021-03-26Update to 7.3.2-1fxd
2021-02-08Update to 7.1.3-1fxd
2020-12-28Update to 7.0.211-4fxd
2020-12-22Update to 7.0.209-10fxd
2020-12-18Update to 7.0.208fxd
2020-10-19Correct versio to 6.12.3.-7fxd
2020-10-09Update to 6.12.3-8fxd
2020-06-18Update to 6.11.2-1fxd
2020-05-13corrected sha256sumsfxd
2020-05-13Update to 6.10.12-1fxd
2019-12-18Update to 6.9.2-1fxd
2019-09-18Update to 6.8.1-1fxd
2019-05-28Update to 6.7.6-13fxd
2019-04-05Update to 6.6.8-5fxd
2019-02-26update to 6.4.6-1fxd
2018-12-10update to 6.4.6-1fxd
2018-10-17update to 6.3.6-1fxd
2018-06-18update to 6.2.4-1fxd
2018-04-20corrected sha sumsfxd
2018-04-20Update to 6.1.6-9fxd
2018-02-12Update to 6.0.78-1fxd
2017-12-01Update to 6.0.66-2fxd
2017-11-16Update to 6.0.62-6fxd
2017-09-20Update to 5.3.12-10fxd
2017-06-09Update to 5.3.9-6fxd
2017-04-18Update to 5.2.21-1 - shasum correctfxd
2017-04-18Update to 5.2.21-1fxd
2017-02-06Update to 5.2.11-1fxd
2016-11-23Update to 5.1.62-1fxd
2016-09-29Update to 5.1.54-1fxd
2016-08-08Update to version 5.1.44-1fxd
2016-07-27Update to version 5.1.42-1fxd
2016-07-26Update to version 5.1.40-1fxd
2016-05-09Update to version 5.1.26-1fxd
2016-04-27Update to version 5.1.24-1fxd
2016-04-25Update to version 5.1.22-7fxd
2016-03-03Update to version 5.1.9-6fxd
2016-03-01Change the version to 5.1.7-6 (as x86_64 package)fxd