AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-14Fixed update to 2.2.1, for real this time ;) , removed pkgver() functionzjeffer
2023-08-31fixed update to 2.2.1kleintux
2023-08-31update to 2.2.1kleintux
2023-07-27fix dependencieszjeffer
2023-07-27bump pkgrelzjeffer
2023-07-27Update 2.2.0, fixed tagzjeffer
2023-07-27Update 2.2.0zjeffer
2023-07-27Update V2.2.0zjeffer
2023-03-16Disable checking for updateszjeffer
2023-03-09Added -DUSE_QT_VERSION=6zjeffer
2023-03-09Added -DUSE_QT_VERSION=6zjeffer
2023-03-09Updated notes to 2.1.0zjeffer
2022-11-14added fix for git. thx @zjefferkleintux
2022-09-11update to 2.0.0kleintux
2021-05-26Rewrite the package to meet with the standardsBalló György
2021-02-03Updated to 1.5.0, uses git to buildDanilaFedotov
2021-02-03Updated to 1.5.0, uses git to buildDanilaFedotov
2017-08-20Updated md5sum and pkgrel to new v1.0.0 from GitHubGökberk Yaltıraklı
2017-08-09Added .SRCINFO for package version 1.0.0Gökberk Yaltıraklı
2017-08-09Updated package to release 1.0.0Gökberk Yaltıraklı
2016-05-11Get rid of unnecessary build depGökberk Yaltıraklı
2016-05-11Updated to version 0.9.0Gökberk Yaltıraklı
2016-03-16Created PKGBUILD, version 0.8.0 from the GitHub repoGökberk Yaltıraklı