AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-16Update .SRCINFOGiuseppe
2017-06-16Make return if i3 is not running.Giuseppe
2017-06-13Fix bugGiuseppe
2017-06-13Make return if i3 is not running.Giuseppe
2017-06-13Update .SRCINFOGiuseppe
2017-06-13Change post_* messages.Giuseppe
2017-06-13Do not mess with bash-preexec if DISPLAY is not set.Giuseppe
2017-06-12Notify previous users that .bashrc should be modifiedGiuseppe
2017-06-12Make sourceable script checking if i3 is running.Giuseppe
2017-06-12Refactor code.Giuseppe
2017-06-11Clarified .install hooks messageGiuseppe
2017-06-11Add info in README on how disable dunst indicatorsGiuseppe
2017-06-11Allow multiple resources without breaking the shellGiuseppe
2017-06-08Update READMEGiuseppe
2017-06-08Fix bad path to the tree parserGiuseppe
2017-06-08Fix wrong filename in .install hooksGiuseppe
2017-06-08Change monitor level from workspaces to windows.Giuseppe
2017-06-07Remove debug printGiuseppe
2017-06-07Change post_removal to post_remove such to being called by pacmanGiuseppe
2017-06-07Change urgency level from critical to normalGiuseppe
2017-06-07Fix bad instructions in .install scriptGiuseppe
2017-06-07Add Makefile to clean the makepkg mess.Giuseppe
2017-06-07Add notification sounds info in README.mdGiuseppe
2017-06-07Reset pkgrel=1Giuseppe
2017-06-07Improve READMEGiuseppe
2017-06-07Improve READMEGiuseppe
2017-06-07Update README for wrong dependenciesGiuseppe
2017-06-07Add libnotify dependencyGiuseppe
2017-06-07Add complete README.mdGiuseppe
2017-06-07Make clearer the post_upgrade() message.Giuseppe
2017-06-07... except it was called post_upGRADEGiuseppe
2017-06-07Add a postupdate() hook.Giuseppe
2017-06-07Force update on the AUR db.Giuseppe
2017-06-07precmd() must resets variables.Giuseppe
2017-06-07Add post_removal hook.Giuseppe
2017-06-07Add dependency from bash-preexec-gitGiuseppe
2017-06-07Prevent notify-send to run before the first command issued.Giuseppe
2017-06-07Check file existence before sourcing.Giuseppe
2017-06-07Change package description.Giuseppe
2017-06-07Root commitGiuseppe