AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-04autu: Update to 7.35-1Chris Severance
2018-11-24autu: Update to 7.34-1Chris Severance
2018-09-14autu: Update to 7.28-5 fix sumsChris Severance
2018-09-14autu: Update to 7.28-5 Improved patchChris Severance
2018-09-14autu: Update to 7.28-5Chris Severance
2018-06-18autu: Update to 7.28-4Chris Severance
2018-05-30autu: Update to 7.28-3 fix 7.26 linkChris Severance
2018-05-10autu: Update to 7.28-2Chris Severance
2018-05-10autu: Update to 7.28-1Chris Severance
2017-09-29Update to 7.26, kernel 4.13Chris Severance
2017-07-26Update to 7.22Chris Severance
2017-07-09Block compile for kernel 4.11 due to crashChris Severance
2017-07-05Fix signal_pending kernel 4.11Chris Severance
2016-12-21Initial ImportChris Severance